1) week 2 blogging

Due to the development of technology, 21st century publishing industry has now faced a new era of the world of online publishing. In the past, publics would generally think of publishing as a creation of books, where factories print out hard copy books to distribute to bookstores or where newspapers are printed out for the daily readers. However, today, i personally believe that the meaning of publishing is gradually shifting more towards the digital publishing, such as online publishing via numerous mediums. More towards the future, the traditional publishing industry, that is publishing hard copies of serious reading books will fade out, disappear soon or have a narrow level of audiences. 

In the past, publishing can be described as simply duplicating numerous images and words via printers. The creation of numerous types of printers has allowed publishing industry to provide hard copy books, newspapers and other contents to vast readers. However, current publishing industries are using new medium to deliver contents to the audience, which is by the medium of technology. Advance technology has allowed not only publishers, but also the audiences to create, generate and actively distribute various contents on online. This change has allowed us to exchange contents globally, without the limitation of time and space. Due to this, the contents are becoming more creative with numerous voices from different people from all around the world. 

As Will Self (2014) mentioned in the Guardians, I also believe that in future, the original publishing, which is serious readings and hard copy contents will be treated as a “traditional”, or “classical” activity. More and more people will post ideas and opinions on their own blog, website, or any social networking medium. Today and in the future, audiences will now actively publish and generate their contents without any gatekeepers, allowing freedom of voice. 


Will Self, 2 May 2014, The Novel is Dead (This time It’s Real), The Guardian, 7 August 2014, <http://www.theguardian.com/books/2014/may/02/will-self-novel-dead-literary-fiction&gt;




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