2) week 3 – paper vs. digital publishing

Some people might say that digital publishing is a positive and futuristic movement for the publishing industry. Digital publishing has allowed anyone to have a voice, and speak up for his or her point of view. Nowadays, we call it the Citizen journalists. There are also cost effective when publishing books digitally compared to paper books. However, others might say that due to the growth of digital publishing, there are numerous concerns being raised.

This week’s topic personally made me think about which publishing method I use more. I personally own a blog, not a professional one, just for keeping memories, my thoughts and personal opinions. Like myself, there are numerous online bloggers today and it is still increasing. They are free to post, share and express what they want and there are no boundaries. However, this can be a serious problem in terms of controlling the contents. Since the World Wide Web is globally shared and people can access from anywhere at anytime, the fact that there are no international law to control this can later on cause a massive chaos.

I agree with the fact that the online news are comparably up-to-date and have a fast rotation. However, I am not too sure about the quality of the contents. Often, news agencies are urge to release exclusive news before than any other agencies does. As a result, some agencies tend to release without double-checking the facts. Furthermore, even though online reading such as e-book readers are convenient and have lots of advantages, I still appreciate the actual experience of reading the book, flipping the papers. Since the hard copy book doesn’t have a battery life, I do not need to worry about charging or lacking of battery.

There are several more issues that could be raised such as employment issues in the publishing industry, regulations in news journalisms, and authorship…etc. In my opinion, I think paper industry should make their own special strategies that would differentiate them distinctively from the digital publishing to survive in future. For example, make the book more environmental friendly in order to appeal to smart consumers and adapt to the new business model of book shop being a social space, rather than just a retail selling books. They can open events and activities that online cannot provide.


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