Week 5) Theory, archive and the archive fever

According to the oxford dictionaries, theory is “a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained”. To simply put, theory is ideas, concepts or assumptions about how things work.


Due to the development of technology, it has allowed us to be globally connected to the world. This can result global communication, hence circulating vast information, facts, opinions and even theories to be argues and to be agreed worldwide since theories are not a dead set answers and not always accurate.


Now let’s look at the theory of archives and archive fever. First of all, according to the lecture slides, archives are ways of organizing events/things/media/ so that we can put our theories to work with events/things/stuff, using various “methods”. The author of ‘Archive Fever’, Jacques Derrida, delivers that archives are a foundation for authority by having an ability to determine what is “inside” and “outside”.


The three crucial points of archive is that first, media construct & destroy archives. For example, hash tagging is a new way of archiving things, but in a way we can divide contents into categories so that people can archive things of only what they are interested in. New forms of archive can destroy original media and can create a new activity such as hash tagging. Secondly, archives are the basis for society, such as institutions, and a sense of belonging in lives. We live in a day where we often connect with the world through Internet. On the Internet, different platforms and mediums of archiving is happening and people often feel connected and a sense of belonging when they find a common interest or a collection of archive. This can create a new society of people to gather and share and create their archives. Lastly, Archives form authority and shape the future. This means that information and data archived can have a significant impact and can change or impact our current society. For example On ABC online, there is an article/page about ‘beating the odds’, which mentions about the western suburb part of the Sydney’s reality. They showed a map clearly illustrating the problematic reality of some particular area. These kinds of archive can raise awareness to the broad generals and can change and shape out society into a more positive side.

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