Relationship between your look and your career success

스크린샷 2015-10-26 10.15.47 AM

It is inarguable that our physical appearance has become one of the most important factors of judging people. Some people might say that there is nothing wrong with looking physically attractive. However, the emergence of the word, ‘Lookism discrimination’ reveals the reality of our society, especially in workplace, where an individual’s look can have as much influence as one’s skills and performance in the office. It may be hard to openly admit it, but employers recruit and promote employees base on their physical appearance since they can represent the image of the organization. The consequence of this can make an innocent and skillful applicant jobless and employees being discriminated or harassed in the workplace just because of their physical appearance.

This is the reality that potential job applicants, employees and we are facing silently. Especially for women, their look can be a leading dependent for their career success than their achievements and abilities. It is also evident in the survey reported in The Times that women who wear make-up in their job interview get better jobs and are more likely to be promoted faster. It states that 64% of managers and directors of the organization believed that women who wore make-up in job interview and in the workplace look more professional. This strongly supports the existence of lookism discrimination existing in today’s society. The Guardian published a similar report that “attractive applicants have a better chance of getting better paid jobs”. The article also stated that women spend one fifth of their income on improving their physical appearance in workplace since they believe that how they look is a crucial factor in their career path. A question can be asked whether we discriminate by look without acknowledging or not. That is the reason why I have created this social campaign. We should keep in mind to ourselves that look is not everything and one’s inner beauty, ability and skills are the ones that should matter the most.